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Top Ten Views of Eiffel Tower

By Romance Helpers January 13, 2018 0 comments

Is there a more romantic city in the world than Paris? The City of Lights is the mecca for lovers, young and old. Narrow cobblestone streets, ancient buildings that breathe history, museums full of the world's greatest treasures, hundreds of romantic restaurants and cuisine that is still considered the world's best, is what Paris is about. Wandering the streets by day, eating the best food you have ever had at night and then watching the Eiffel Tower glimmer in the city's backdrop is probably why Paris is our favorite romantic getaway destination. 

Traveler's Tip: if you are looking for a detailed Paris itinerary covering the City's major sights, check out our recent blog post Romantic Long Weekend in Paris Itinerary.

The focal point of the city is of course the famous Eiffel Tower. The original Iron Lady was built to celebrate the centennial of the French Revolution in 1889 and was the world’s tallest structure for four decades standing at 986 feet tall. Parisian artists hated the structure, called it a "monster" and petitioned the city for its demolition. Today, it lights up after sunset until 1am and sparkles for five minutes each hour on the hour. 

Every time you visit, you just can't take enough photos of this symbol of Paris. So where would you go to see and capture the beauty of this magnificent structure in its full glory? Well, we have been to Paris over a dozen times and we've got you covered.

Here are our top 10 most photogenic spots of the Lady Eiffel:

1. Trocadero  (metro Trocadero) - the most famous shots of the Eiffel Tower are taken from this elevated square usually overrun by hordes of tourists. Dawn shots are the best but if you are not an early bird (neither should you be in Paris), you can still snag a gorgeous shot or two from the viewing terrace. 

The other side of the Tower is a large Champ de Mars park. At the end of it is the Montparnasse building - a tall modern looking structure with an observation deck that provides for a magnificent view onto Champ de Mars and the Tower itself. There is a champagne bar on the 65th floor if you want to sip bubbly with a view before dinner. Or if you are on a budget, just grab a bottle of champagne at any supermarket, pick a spot on the grass and pop it right on Champ de Mars - drinking in public is totally legal here. Cheers! 

2. Rue Saint Dominique or Avenue de Bourdonnais (metro Ecole Militaire) - you can capture the Eiffel tower alongside traditional Parisian iron-wrought buildings while walking down these beautiful streets. Pop into Square Rapp if you are in the area for the most photogenic set-up of this kind. 

3. Seine River Cruise Boat - one of the most romantic (and budget-friendly) things to do is to take a Seine River cruise. You will see all of the Paris's landmarks from a different perspective. The best time to go is about 30 minutes before sundown because so many of the attractions light up and make for a gorgeous sight from the river. Our favorite cruise is Vedettes de Pont Neuf (metro Pont Neuf): at 14 Euros per person (12 if you buy online beforehand) they are an awesome way to discover Paris. 

4. Pont Alexandre III (metro Invalides) - is the most famous and without a doubt most beautiful bridge in Paris. The Beaux-Arts style bridge, with its exuberant Art Nouveau lamps, cherubs, nymphs and winged horses at either end, it was built between 1896 and 1900. It is named after Russian Tsar Alexander III who had concluded the Franco-Russian Alliance in 1892. 

5. Printemps Hausmann Rooftop Cafeteria (metro Havre-Caumartin) - who knew a department store was in possession of one of the coolest views of the Eiffel Tower? Make your way to the rooftop cafeteria and come out to the open terrace to enjoy this gorgeous set-up. 

6. Top of the Notre Dame Cathedral (metro Saint Michel - Notre Dame) - the home of Victor Hugo's Hunchback, the top floor of the Cathedral should be on everyone's bucket list. Unlike the long line at the front of the Cathedral that moves really quickly, the line to ascend to the top is just as long but moves very very slowly - only 15 people at a time enter with intervals of approximately 10 minutes between each group. So you are better off attempting this in mild weather. Once you go up, the path is very narrow, but every single turn of your head just overwhelms with the most beautiful views of not just the Eiffel Tower but also of the whole City of Paris. 


7. Shangri La Hotel - when it comes to visiting Paris I am sure everyone is trying to google - "hotel with Eiffel Tower views" (I know that's I did when I was visiting the first couple of times). The first result that pops up probably has one of the heftiest price tags on a hotel room in the world. Shangri La boasts several rooms with full Eiffel Tower view terraces. But at over $2,000 a night, it's not something many people can afford. Occasionally, in the summer, the hotel opens up one suite with the largest terrace to host outrageously expensive champagne tastings but sometimes a 25 Euro glass of champagne is worth experiencing this viewpoint. 


8. Hôtel Plaza Athénée - is another the 5-star luxury hotel property. At over 800 Euros a night it is definitely not a bargain deal and a lot of celebrities stay here when they are in town. Yes, the hotel is beautiful and the rooms are exquisite but most rooms see the Eiffel Tower from the balcony. Still not too shabby of a view (if you can afford that room price tag). 

9. Hotel Pullman Eiffel (metro Champs de Mars - Tour Eiffel) - this 4-star hotel is not outrageously expensive and has some of the best views of the Eiffel Tower. The property itself is a modern design monstrosity so you won't be getting those charming old Paris details you are able to ogle at Shangri La or Athénée but if you want to wake up to a view of the Eiffel Tower and have your own balcony with the same view, Pullman will do the trick. Another bonus is the hotel's closeness to the Tower - perfect for romantic evening strolls. 


10. Hotel Duquesne Eiffel (metro Ecole Militaire) - a complete hidden gem of a hotel rounds up our top ten. Steps away from a metro station, this small boutique hotel occupies an old historic walk-up building (don't worry they installed a tiny elevator so that you can haul your suitcase 5 stories up). Several rooms face the Eiffel Tower which is also a short walk away. Don't book this hotel on any of the U.S. websites - none of them give you the option to select the Eiffel Tower view room. If you go to their website directly, those rooms can be selected (you can also call them, they speak perfect English). Rooms 45 & 55 have the best views so if you can snag those, you are in major luck. Room 55 even has a balcony! Imagine lying on your bed (or taking a bath) with this view.


Are there any other spots in Paris that you know about that have magnificent Eiffel Tower views? 

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